As Medical Device Repair Gets Easier, How Do You Find a Servicer You Can Trust?

Who has the right to repair medical equipment? It has been a question on everyone’s minds in the past week as the FDA has been debating the “right to repair.”

Should hospitals be allowed to fix their machines themselves? And if so, how can they ensure that repairs meet the high standards necessary to ensure patient safety.

Are you curious about the recent legal changes around “right to repair” medical equipment affects you? We’ll explain how it affects your facility and how you can ensure you’re only working with trusted third-party providers for their repairs.


Recent Changes in Medical Device Copyright

Covid-19 has all too often been the topic of negative conversation, but in medical circles, it has also raised questions about medical equipment safety that few had asked before. With this, the “right to repair” and the ability to do so safely became a much larger concern. As a response to the growing conversation around safety, the U.S. Copyright Office has announced that independent service organizations (ISOs) now have the right to the intellectual property of specific medical equipment to carry out diagnosis or repair and maintain equipment.

Essentially this means that third-party repair services have had a hurdle removed. Previously, medical device manufacturers may withhold information that prevented the diagnosis or repair of their machines, so they can no longer do so.

Manufacturers have previously stated that limiting the independent repair of their products benefited patient safety. Many manufacturers believe that independent repair services will not be able to make the repairs to the standard necessary.

This presents an interesting debate. When able to limit third-party repair, manufacturers have no incentive to deliver competitive pricing, and healthcare facilities can end up paying through the roof for minor repairs. On the other hand, it is essential for patients safely to have a repair person who fully understands the equipment they are dealing with for more complicated repairs.


Why These Changes are Happening

The past year and a half have turned the healthcare industry upside down. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the stress on the nation’s healthcare system.

Hospitals have been overwhelmed by the influx of patients. Doctors work long hours, and supplies are difficult to source. While all of this has been going on, there has also been an increased need for medical equipment as extra steps to ensure patient safety and minimize spread are undertaken.

Hospitals need their equipment to function at top capacity. Downtime has serious impacts, and they need repairs fast and to a high standard.

At the same time, there has been a serious debate about the “right to repair.” Higher demands for repairs on equipment and more serious deadlines mean there is a greater need for independent repair services.

As such, many “right to repair” campaigners have highlighted how medical device manufacturers do not provide support, sell parts, or release information that could allow hospitals to make repairs themselves – often in a more time and cost-efficient manner.


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How to Find a Third-Party Repair Service You Can Trust

Independent repairs of medical devices are becoming easier. Your hospital probably wants to take advantage of this for both cost and time-saving. But how do you find a repair service you can trust?

There is understandably some concern from hospitals that independent repairs could undermine safety precautions. A lack of qualifications in those delivering the repair or service of life-saving medical devices could have disastrous results.

It is therefore essential for hospitals to find trusted providers. Doing your research is key to finding a provider you can trust. Checking reviews from sources such as Google and Facebook can help you establish the reputation a company has.

It is also good to look for specialist repairs. A company specializing in a specific piece of medical equipment, such as ultrasounds, will more likely have highly trained technicians. When looking for repairs, you can also question a company about what level of training their staff undertakes and their previous experience with your specific make and model of equipment.

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