Transducer Repairs

Ultrasound Transducer Repair

If your ultrasound transducers need repair we:

  • Identify and correct any instrument malfunction
  • Identify and replace worn or defective parts
  • Verify compliance with industry standards

Ultrasound Probe Repair

We offer a variety of ultrasound probe repair:

  • Overnight Loaner Shipment
  • General & Endo-Cavity Repairs
  • Full Rebuild on Transducers
  • 30/40 Repairs
  • Array Damage Repair
  • Lens Repair
  • Array Replacement
  • No Fee for Loaners

We offer free loaners during the free evaluation of your damaged transducers. Our capabilities consist of standard and specialty repairs including TEE and 30 transducers.


Every probe receives a professional evaluation within 24 hours of receipt along with quality and functionality testing prior to being returned ensuring that you receive back the highest quality product and repair. We also have the industry leading first-time-fix rate, meaning that your probe will be repaired correctly the first time. Every probe repaired also comes with a industry best 90 day warranty.

Transducer Repairs

AceVision is able to repair many transducers that other companies are unable to. Please ask about our repair capabilities.

3D/4D Probe Repairs

Common repairs available on GE 3D/4D probes

Oil refill
Dome replacement­
Replace broken pivot ball
Defective motor repair

Example GE 3D/4D probes are RIC5-9-D, RAB4-8-D, RIC6-12-D, 4DE7C and RIC5-9W-RS.

TEE Repairs

Common repairs available on TEEs
Tip Replacements
Articulation cable replacement
Failed calibration repairs­
Complex electronics

Example TEEs are Philips X7-2t, S7-2t & S7-3t and 6Tc & 6T

TEE Probe Repair

Transesophogeal Echocardiogram (TEE) probes are delicate, precise, and intricate medical ultrasound equipment that provide cardiac interpretation during cardiac exams and procedures. When one needs repair it needs to be done correctly and by the experts here at AceVision Ultrasound. Here at AceVision Ultrasound we will repair your probe to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Common Failures Include:

  • Holes in the bending rubber sheathe
  • CW Noise
  • Calibration Failures
  • Articulation/Angulation Failure
  • Worn Labeling and/or Bitemarks
  • Failing Leakage Testing
  • Poor 2D Penetration/Resolution

Pediatric TEE Probe Repair

Just like adult TEE probes, Pediatric probes are used during cardiac exams and procedures, but are extremely fragile and used on the tiniest of humans. Just as every exam in pediatrics requires expertise and precision, so does any and all repair of Pediatric TEE Probes. Let our specially trained expert on Pediatric TEE repair bring your delicate precision instrument back to working order today.

Ultrasound Probe Repair