Repair Depot – MASA

Repair Depot

Send your portable ultrasound to AceVision Ultrasound’s Repair Depot for service at our facility. Our technicians perform ultrasound repair and maintenance services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ultrasound Repair Depot


  • GE Logiq i
  • GE Logiq e
  • GE Logiqbook
  • GE Logiqbook XP


  • CX50 / CX30


  • All S Series
  • M-Turbo
  • MicroMax
  • NanoMax
  • Titan
  • Edge I & II


  • Scan Modules

Please contact your Account Executive, Kristine Manning, at or 630.639.7214 with any sales, repair or technical support questions. 

Ultrasound Probe Repair