SinoSite ultrasounds

SonoSite Ultrasound Machines, Parts, Repair, Service, Rentals, & Support

SonoSite Ultrasound Machines, Parts, Repair, Service, Rentals, & Support

AceVision Stocks Ultrasounds Systems from All the Top Brands – Including SonoSite

AceVision is committed to its clients. We’re here to help you find a high-quality, affordable ultrasound that makes delivering care simple and allows you to give a confident diagnosis to your patients. For these reasons we stock new and refurbished SonoSite ultrasounds.

Lightweight and portable, SonoSite has managed to pack a whole load of innovation in a small space with its ultrasounds.

SonoSite machines offer some of the clearest image quality you can find. You can diagnose and treat patients quickly and accurately with the support these ultrasounds provide.

SonoSite ultrasounds are also well known for their adaptable and intuitive interfaces. Many machines have a vertical-to-horizontal work surface that makes working at even the most cramped bedside comfortable.

Benefits of Buying SonoSite Ultrasounds from AceVision

Best ultrasound prices

60% Less Than OEM Prices

Healthcare equipment doesn’t come cheap. Ultrasounds are no exception. You want to shop around and make sure you get the best deal. Well, we guarantee you won’t find a better deal for a SonoSite ultrasound system than here at AceVision. We are a small company with low overheads allowing us to pass on big savings to our customers. When you buy a Sonosite ultrasound from AceVision, you could be saving up to 60% compared to the OEM price.

24/7 support

Emergency 24 / 7 Support

AceVision is a nation-leading supplier of Sonosite ultrasounds. Our clients come back time and time again because we not only offer unbeatable prices but go over and above with our outstanding customer service.

35 years ultrasound equipment experience

35 Years Experience

AceVision has over 35 years of experience working with ultrasounds. We know how to advise you on your purchase. We have worked with all kinds of healthcare and veterinary facilities and know what machines work best in which situations. Our expert engineers can also assist with installation, and we can guide you on the best practices for using your new ultrasound and getting the most extended life out of it possible.

Best in class for ultrasound service & sales

Best Training Ever

“Best training ever, Scott and Noel know their stuff. They have great customer service, are always willing to help, and have the best deals in the industry.”

– Jay H.

SonoSite Ultrasound Maintenance Packages

Speaking of getting a long life out of your SonoSite ultrasound, you need to regularly maintain it to do that. Like changing the oil in your car, keeping all the parts of your ultrasound equipment means it will stay working at the optimal output for longer.

Increasing the longevity of your ultrasounds can save your hospital thousands of dollars in new equipment. We offer excellent maintenance and repair packages with our ultrasounds to help ensure the life of your equipment. Our expert engineers can regularly come and inspect equipment in a time that works for your facility and fix any minor issues before they turn into a breakdown.

“They offer expert technical support when needed, in diagnosing issues”
Scott T. - happy AceVision customer

– Scott T., Field Service Engineer

Short Term Rentals & Loaners Available

Deciding to buy a new SonoSite ultrasound machine is not a simple decision. Often there is a lot of paperwork to go through and decision-makers to consult within your healthcare facility. If you are deliberating over which SonoSite ultrasound machine is right for your facility, why not take out a short-term rental. You can use the machine in the field and then make your purchase with confidence.

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"I have been working with Chris Altman at AceVision for about 3 years now and he has been great in every aspect. He is prompt with getting me the parts I need to service my customers in a timely fashion. They offer expert technical support when needed in diagnosing issues with all makes and manufacturers and are always available when I need them. Chris truly cares about his customers and always goes above and beyond to make sure we can provide exceptional service to our customers. AceVision is a one-stop shop, they have a ton of parts in stock, they repair ultrasound transducers, and if they don't have something they will find the part for you. I highly recommend Chris and AceVision for all of your ultrasound needs. Thank you, Chris, and everyone at AceVision for always making my job easier and my customers happier."

Scott T. - happy AceVision customer

Scott T., Field Service Manager

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