Siemens ultrasounds

Siemens Ultrasound Machines, Parts, Repair, Service, Rentals, & Support

Siemens Ultrasound Machines, Parts, Repair, Service, Rentals, & Support

AceVision Carries Ultrasounds from All the Best Brands – Including Siemens

Siemens has been an industry-leading brand in ultrasound imaging for years. They have frequently developed innovations in their technology that have brought future ultrasounds into the present.

When treating your patients, you want to provide the highest level of care, which requires accurate imaging.

New and refurbished Siemens ultrasound systems leverage state-of-the-art technology, including AI, to provide the most reliable imaging you could ask for. Premium image quality and exceptional performance allow your doctors to streamline their workflow and help you achieve optimal efficiency in your healthcare facility.

Siemens may be at the forefront of innovation, but its ultrasound systems are still within the budgetary restraints of many healthcare facilities. Even more so, when you come to AceVision, as we sell much of our ultrasound equipment at 60% less than the OEM prices.

Benefits of Buying Siemens Ultrasounds from AceVision

Best ultrasound prices

60% Less Than OEM Prices

Don’t want to break the bank purchasing your brand new Siemens ultrasound system? AceVision is a small company with low overheads. This means we can often outprice our larger counterparts. We keep Siemens ultrasounds prices low. When you come to AceVision you can purchase your Siemens ultrasound at up to 60% less than OEM prices.

24/7 support

Emergency 24 / 7 Support

No matter when your Siemens Healthcare ultrasound encounters a problem, we are available to help. No waiting around for offices to open. We have a 24/7 support line. We stock a wide range of Siemens healthcare parts and probes in our warehouse, meaning we can get parts out for repair in no time.

35 years ultrasound equipment experience

35 Years Experience

AceVision is a company you can trust. We put Doctors and Patients at the heart of what we do. Our team of expert engineers have a combined 35+ years in the industry and provides the highest level of customer support. Our experience allows us to go over and above, building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We assist with any questions, provide training on Siemens equipment, and advise on properly maintaining all ultrasound machines.

Best in class for ultrasound service & sales

Best Training Ever

“Best training ever, Scott and Noel know their stuff. They have great customer service, are always willing to help, and have the best deals in the industry.”

– Jay H.

Siemens Ultrasound Maintenance Packages

If you are about to purchase a new Siemens ultrasound, its lifetime value should be something you are considering. Ultrasounds are a large purchase for any healthcare facility, and you want to ensure that it provides as much value for your doctors and patients as possible. When you are buying a new machine, you are not thinking about breakdowns, but accidents do happen.

Ultrasound downtime can cause a disaster for your healthcare facility, especially when it’s unexpected. By taking out a maintenance and repair package, you ensure if an issue arises that you get a repair fast – reducing downtime and minimizing the loss of profits.

In addition, regular maintenance improves the longevity of your ultrasound, ensuring you get the highest value possible for your purchase.

“They offer expert technical support when needed, in diagnosing issues”
Scott T. - happy AceVision customer

– Scott T., Field Service Engineer

Short Term Rentals & Loaners Available

Not sure which Siemens ultrasound is right for your healthcare facility? Our short-term rental and loaners allow you to test Siemens ultrasounds in the field before committing to your purchase.

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"I have been working with Chris Altman at AceVision for about 3 years now and he has been great in every aspect. He is prompt with getting me the parts I need to service my customers in a timely fashion. They offer expert technical support when needed in diagnosing issues with all makes and manufacturers and are always available when I need them. Chris truly cares about his customers and always goes above and beyond to make sure we can provide exceptional service to our customers. AceVision is a one-stop shop, they have a ton of parts in stock, they repair ultrasound transducers, and if they don't have something they will find the part for you. I highly recommend Chris and AceVision for all of your ultrasound needs. Thank you, Chris, and everyone at AceVision for always making my job easier and my customers happier."

Scott T. - happy AceVision customer

Scott T., Field Service Manager

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